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Mobile DNA

Great customer relationships are made with Mobile DNA -- the data left behind in our digital and physical worlds that paints a picture of who we are, what we like, our habits and what motives us to act. Mobile DNA is the key to replacing unsatisfying mass communication with organic relationship management.

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High Precision
Targeting & Segmentation

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Create custom segments or choose from predefined personas based on your customers' interests, behaviors, habits or needs. Our platform leverages advanced machine learning and data science to infer unique insights about your users. Relevance-based segmentation drives ROI by sending smarter, mobile-relevant messages that will motivate your customers to act.

Our platform self-polices, sending alerts if you are hedging close to the recommended limit of targeting the same group within a specific time period.


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We marry customer knowledge with real-time situational intelligence allowing you to bridge your customer's digital and physical landscapes like never before. With MobileROI, your brand will automate the delivery of highly personalized content and experiences when relevant to your customers' immediate context and intent.

Leverage Smart Push and in-app alerts to drive user engagement through personalized push messages, centralized push throttle and situational-awareness, based on their historical behavior and tolerance to notifications. Deep link to existing pages within your app or to new landing pages created for specific campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Predictive Analytics, Mobile ROI, MobileROI

Predictive Analytics

Analyzing multiple real-time data streams against historical data, our algorithmic models anticipate future trends, user preferences and actions to let you know what your customers are going to do before they do it, like abandon their shopping cart, churn or share their experiences. You are then empowered to intervene with the right message or offer to motivate or change their behavior.


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By triggering campaigns to automatically launch based on your consumer's real-time intent, immediate context or actions, you will intervene with the right offer, message or functionality at the precise moment your customer needs it. Create rules based on situational factors, behaviors or user profile traits to insert your brand when it's relevant to your customer's exact situation. Campaign assets are easily customized with your branding and collateral and can be launched within minutes without development support or app store updates.

Our platform allows you to simply A/B test design, messaging and timing of campaigns so you can discover what drives the best results. The platform is always-on, evaluating performance to automatically refine campaigns in real-time to ensure the highest ROI is reached.

Plan & Measure

Mobile Marketing Measurement, Mobile ROI, Mobile Campaign Measurement, MobileROI, Mobile Engagement, Mobile Revenue

All of your owned mobile media initiatives are planned and managed within one secure platform. We measure success against business-critical KPIs and make it simple to demonstrate results to multiple stakeholders. Automated alerts communicate opportunities and threats, while keeping you updated on all mobile app activity and real-time campaign performance.

Immediacy Marketing

Beacon technology redefines the brick-and-mortar experience and drives in-store engagement. Consumers instantly and automatically receive welcome messages, personalized deals and actionable messaging as they move throughout your store, restaurant or other physical space. MobileROI integrates with Apple Pay, extending the frictionless payment process to all aspects of the customer journey including loyalty programs and offers, in-store experiences, CRM and social advocacy.

High Performing
Conversion Pages


ROI Cards help marketers initiate high-performing consumer relationships and move beyond the click with mobile paid media programs.

Through our platform, advertisers optimize landing pages to motivate action. Brands A/B test content, calls-to-action, delivery method or design to continuously learn and modify campaigns in real-time. Our dynamic ad landing pages can be customized by a person's location, the time of day, weather conditions or the number of engagements with a campaign. Marketers can change rules to adjust campaigns in real-time to drive the highest possible conversion rate and consumer engagement.

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