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  • The Problem

    We live in a hyper-connected world with a growing number of always-addressable consumers connected through at least one device at any given time. In just a short amount of time, our culture has become highly personalized, with consumers expecting that each brand interaction be highly tailored and relevant to their immediate situation. Furthermore, on highly personal mobile devices with smaller screens, traditional marketing tactics are perceived as an intrusion and annoyance.

  • Our Solution

    The Mobile Marketing Cloud is the most intuitive relationship management platform for today's mobile-first world, bridging your customer's digital and physical worlds to provide highly personalized and contextual experiences in real-time.

    We give brands one view of their customer across the entire journey and extract meaningful insights from a sea of unstructured customer data to provide actionable intelligence and automation that accelerates consumer adoption, engagement and monetization.

    The platform is scalable-on-demand and is designed for immediate use by marketing, sales, service and IT teams. Once our SDK has been integrated within your mobile offering, customer-centric programs can be launched without any development resources or app store updates.


Transaction &
Intent Effects

Context-Aware Mobile Marketing Automation Technology, Mobile ROI, MobileROI

A single action a user takes should not signify simply one thing. A transaction, for example, is not just about the exchange of funds. Our platform instinctively understands the multiple implications that every action has. A simple transaction is analyzed to uncover information that tells the story of who a person is, what motivated them to act and in what context. Did the shopper purchase a raincoat based on the pending storm in a forecast or the surfaced photo of a celebrity wearing the same slicker? Looking at every action through a multifaceted lens, we are able to infer the macro, micro and personal influences that drive your customers' behavior.

Extractive User Interface

Personalized Mobile Marketing, Augmented Reality, Beacons,

Our highly personalized interface learns about a user's preferences while extractive interface technology keeps people connected to the information that matters most to them. The dashboard is highly customizable, allowing marketers to select and modify reports and set alerts to highlight opportunities and threats.

We have a catalog of ready-to-employ plug-ins to enhance the end-user experience, including voice, augmented reality, video and photos, social widgets, beacon triggers, location overlays and more.


Mobile Marketing Automation Technology, Mobile A/B Testing, Mobile ROI, MobileROI

Our agile, rules-based automation engine optimizes and scales campaigns in real-time. Marketers set triggers to launch engagement or revenue-driving initiatives based on dynamic factors, including a user's profile, immediate intent, current context (location, weather and time), anticipated behavior or macro influences. The platform continuously monitors the performance of programs and recommends modifications in real-time to deliver the highest ROI.

Integration & Orchestration

Mobile Marketing Orchestration, Apple Pay, Cross-Channel Customer Profiles, MobileROI

MobileROI leverages and orchestrates a wide range of content, context and signal data as well as patented technology to optimize each consumer interaction. We integrate with a network of systems and data sources to provide a comprehensive, frictionless user experience throughout the entire customer journey. By incorporating various mobile, social and other customer touchpoints, and incorporating technology like Apple Pay into our platform, we create a true system of engagement that facilitates in-the-moment tasks and decisions.

Our orchestration engine connects with third-party systems such as CRM, e-commerce backends, marketing automation engines and more.

Data Science

Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Mobile ROI, Mobile Marketing, MobileROI

Using predictive and prescriptive analytics modeling to analyze behavioral patterns from integrated data streams, our platform anticipates customer actions, needs and preferences to deliver actionable insights. Behavioral actions are analyzed against segmentation data in order to discover commonalities and discrepancies in actions based on user disposition.

Multi-Level Entitlements

Customized Mobile Marketing; Mobile ROI, MobileROI

Our platform allows for multi-level entitlements and provisioning from a corporate level as well as for specific merchants, franchises, brands or business units within a network. The platform is customized for unique users, providing the tools to engage with their specific audience and access the insights that effect their direct responsibilities and which have been permitted by the corporate team. The corporate office, meanwhile, leverages an umbrella version to engage with all customers and review actionable insights across its entire network.


Customer Data, Privacy, Security, Mobile ROI, MobileROI

Our platform leverages the industry's best security technology and comprehensive processes to ensure both data and intellectual property are fully protected. We use a multi-layered approach that includes individual and technological barriers to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. We strictly abide by all industry and geographic-specific regulations and our partners' own compliance standards.


The turnkey MobileROI Platform is highly flexible to meet the unique needs of any organization
and is designed for secure, swift implementation and rapid scalability.

Mobile Marketing Cloud Software, Enterprise Technology, Mobile ROI, MobileROI


A comprehensive system of engagement layer delivered through a multi-tenant, secure architecture. MobileROl's cloud version is the most popular method of deployment. It affords the fastest time to deployment without IT resources required. Utilizing a thin client that securely and automatically connects to MobileROl's cloud servers, it is easy to scale across your organization and customers. Needless to say, upgrades get pushed automatically.

Mobile Marketing On-Premise Hosting, Mobile ROI,
MobileROI, Enterprise Technology


For customers whose data cannot leave their environment, we support an on-premise installation model that fits into an organization's existing technical architecture. Delivering the same robust features as the MobiIeROl Cloud version, the On-Premise deployment comes with pre-defined software and hardware requirements based on the number of users, projects, customers, campaigns, integrations and anticipated data volume. To ensure benefits from MobileROI's latest features, product upgrades are planned and deployed at specified intervals and data lives securely in your data centers.

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Training & Customer Support

MobileROI provides customers with enterprise-level support and 24x7 access by phone and email. Our technology and business teams offer 1:1 training, tips and best practices, and a central repository for all product and technical documentation.

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Professional Services

Customer success is in our DNA. Our tech, data science, creative, business strategy and user experience teams will work with your organization to help you define and execute against a game-changing mobile strategy for your brand. We will arm you with an actionable roadmap for engaging customers, optimizing interactions and driving revenue on mobile. Our expert consultants provide targeted integration, custom development and deployment services for your organization, from start to finish.

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